Since 1971 we have been providing quality
awnings and related products. We have been pioneers in illuminated awnings, canopies and related canvas products, and have been recognized with several awards.


We offer a variety of patio awnings and screen shades that provide unsurpassed strength, durability, and optimal solar protection so that you can enjoy your outdoor space safely. Our awnings are engineered for durability and quality and provide corrosion-resistance and maintenance-free systems.

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Enjoy the outdoors free from the elements.
Find out why our gazebos are so popular in Manitoba for many years. Our gazebo has a tear-resistant bug screen, an all-aluminum frame, and mildew-resistant vinyl that’s UV-coated to last for years to come.

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Advance Tent & Awning provides a wide range of specialized services, from commercial awnings to custom boat covers, we can provide you with a product that satisfies your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Royal Marcesa™

These retractable patio awnings have a centre beam stabilizer bar that runs length wise giving a “Hip Roof” shape when extended This carefully researched Aristocrat trade make design make this Marcesa model more spacious, stronger and more stable in the wind. The fabric is kept tighter and there is less sagging, while also offering a more effective shelf from direct low angle sunlight. The increased slope to the front half of the awning ensures more headroom at the back half while enhancing the beauty of the outdoor living room.