Boat Covers

Adding styles to your boats’ protection with a wide rage of options

Boat Covers

From covers, tarps, banners to awnings, we provide repairs in the shop, tailored to your needs.

Worn out gears could be brought in for repairs in the shop, we also provide onsite inspection for old awnings as the first step of repair. 

Pontoon Boat Cover

These are made primarily for protecting your boat while it’s on the road. They have a more streamline design with a lower pitch so they can easily travel at highway speeds while protecting your boat.

They do shed water still, but the lower pitch can lead to some pooling, especially with pontoon covers.

Like mooring covers, they are made out of breathable fabric to allow moisture to leave the boat.

Pick two different fastening types

Choose one that suits your boat the best, and we will make it for you.

Strap Down

Snap On