Key Features

Adjustable Valance

The imperial Adjustable Valance, Unique to the imperial system is available on awnings up to 20’ wide an 10’ projection. When retracted, the Adjustable Valance is contained in a cassette tucked neatly behind the standard valance. When desired this unique feature allows your customer to extend the valance with a crank to whatever length is required up to 5 feet to reduce the glare off water or direct afternoon sun. The Adjustable Valance can be made with the same fabric as on top of the awning or Ferrari Slots (86% or 92 %). These specially designed fabrics allow visibility out while permitting filtered light to enter without the harsh glare.


Further innovation has allowed us to create the imperial cross / over awning, specifically designed for area with limited width which require maximum projection. This system had an upper & Lowe front connector and an upper &  lower housing  specifically designed for this awning, not adapted from totter systems available. Design includes additional brackets to stabilize the awning, and a longer valance to cover the lower arm.  

Set Precision

These retractable patio awnings have a centre beam stabilizer bar that runs length wise giving a “Hip Roof” shape when extended This carefully researched Aristocrat trade make design make this Marcesa model more spacious, stronger and more stable in the wind. The fabric is kept tighter and there is less sgging, while also offering a more effective shelf from direct low angle sunlight. The increased slope to the front half of the awning ensures more headroom at the back half while enhancing the beauty of the outdoor living room. Available on all models except Imperial Cross/Over.