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Choose the Crossover Awnings and discover why they have become the go-to choice for those seeking superior solar protection in narrow spaces.

Crossover Awnings

Maximize Shade in Minimal Space.
The Innovative Awning Solution for Narrow Areas.

Introducing our Crossover Awnings: the perfect solution for narrow spaces. Designed with specific needs in mind, our Crossover line is a time-tested, award-winning awning that provides optimal solar protection for homes and businesses alike. Engineered for durability, unsurpassed quality, and enduring good looks, these awnings feature an all-aluminum frame with a tough powder coating and a wide fabric selection of colours ensuring a complementary addition to any home.

What sets our Crossover Awnings apart is their unique design, allowing them to be installed in spaces with limited width. The long arms of the awning retract in a scissor-like or crossed shape, enabling a longer projection when fully extended. This means that even if you have a narrow space of only 10ft but desire an awning that extends to 13ft, the Crossover is the only solution with its purpose-built engineered structure.

Experience the benefits of a lightweight, strong, and corrosion-free awning that combines functionality with aesthetics. Our Crossover Awnings offer the ideal blend of form and function, ensuring you can enjoy extended shade and protection without compromising on style.

Upgrade your space with the Crossover Awnings today and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality. Get a free consultation and transform your narrow area into a shaded oasis!

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Aristocrat Fabric – Premium Selection

Discover our exceptional awning fabrics with a 10-year warranty on any colour from our book. Our high-performance products undergo rigorous quality checks, automation, and elaborate fabric coating. Rest assured, the inherent characteristics of woven acrylic fibre, while they may concern some, do not affect its performance. Experience top-quality fabrics that surpass standards at their core.

Aristocrat Fabric Book Selection
Window Awnings Aristocrat Fabric Book Selection

Customized Solutions for Every Style and Need

We proudly offer a diverse range of retractable awnings designed to meet your specific requirements. With five distinct categories to choose from – Royal, Imperial, Crossover, Classic, and Empress – we ensure that every client finds the perfect awning that aligns with their style and needs.